National Black Police Association

Statement on the conviction of PC Monk for the manslaughter of Dalian Atkinson

The National Black Police Association acknowledges the conviction of PC Benjamin Monk for the killing of Dalian Atkinson and we pass on our thoughts to the Atkinson family.  The damage that Dalian’s death has done to trust and legitimacy in policing cannot be underestimated. Whilst we recognise that police officers do a difficult job, putting themselves

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Opportunities for Chief Inspector/Detective Chief Inspector

Starting salary: National Chief Inspector pay-scale plus £2,000 South East allowance (or other housing rent allowance). Essex Police is continuing to grow. We are recruiting for suitably qualified Inspectors/Detective Inspectors who are eligible for promotion and Chief Inspectors/Detective Chief Inspectors to wish to join us on a level transfer. We are looking for great leaders,

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