National Black Police Association

A tribute by National Black Police Association and our members from UK police forces – In memory of George Floyd

The following poem has been produced as a video by National Black Police Association and our members from UK police forces as a tribute in memory of George Floyd on the first anniversary following his untimely death.

May he rest in peace 🌹🌹🌹.

(In Memory of George Floyd, whose last breath filled the lungs of an oppressed society so they could learn to breath again)


The Right to Breathe

When the breath of pure humanity
Is the last before we leave,
We have a right to take the knee,
We have the right to breathe.

And live without the fear,
That the past is never told,
Of a face that screamed of innocence,
When the skin will fit the mould.

As the world began to gather
For the greatest common cause
In a battle for equality,
In the colourless of wars.

With placards raised to heaven
And hope in every word,
The messages were deafening
In the silence that we heard.

As time will tell the story of
The man, George Perry Floyd,
Whose last breath was the turning point
To help us fill the void.

On the streets of Minnesota,
Where the law became the crime,
And we begin to change to world,
One person at a time.

By Peter D Hehir
©️ 20.05.2021

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