National Black Police Association

An important message on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK

Did you know that black men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than other men?

To try and increase awareness of this among black men, Prostate Cancer UK produces a leaflet and pocket guide about prostate cancer and other prostate problems, specifically for this audience.

We’re looking for black men aged 45 and over (or their partners, family or friends) to review this information, to help us improve it. Do you have 2 or 3 contacts who might be able to help us with this?

Reviewers can help in their own time, from home – and the review should take no more than a few hours. You don’t need to have prostate problems or prostate cancer to review these materials – in fact, we’re keen to hear from people who don’t know much about prostate cancer.

If your contacts can help, please ask them to email and we’ll send them the information they need to complete the review.

Thank you!


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