National Black Police Association

Anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

The murder of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 was a stark reminder of the racism, injustice and discrimination that Black people experience and continue to experience based upon the colour of our skin.  We were reminded of so many other senseless, unnecessary deaths and tragedies at the hands of those sworn to protect us.

The burden of responsibility for addressing the harm caused has typically fallen on our shoulders however we cannot stop racism by ourselves, and it is not the problem of Black people to solve. It needs the committed will of the White majority to not simply be non-racist  but anti-racist by working to tear down the policies, practices, procedures, and behaviours that allow it to manifest.

The NBPA will continue to support the Police to improve trust and confidence where decisive actions are being taken to address institutional issues and improve the lived experience of police officers, staff and our communities.

Andrew George

President National Black Police Association

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