National Black Police Association

Statement on Recent Disorder in Leicestershire

The National Black Police Association is aware of the recent disorder in East Leicester following an unplanned protest. Modern Britain is one of the most successful and democratic multicultural nations in the world and the cornerstone of this success, is how different communities across the UK live side by side and appreciate each other’s cultural differences.

We all must live in harmony and not allow extremism in any community to divide us. Violence is never the answer, and we must continue to find solutions through community dialogue, to ensure the issues in Leicester cease and do not spread any further.

We strongly denounce any commentary and disinformation from opportunists, that seek to link to racist ideology around immigration to the events in Leicester, as disorder occurs in all parts of society.

NBPA President, Andy George said, “Our members come from many diverse backgrounds and faiths which enriches our association and wider society. The recent disorder highlights the danger of social media disinformation and the importance of acknowledging the differences between our communities. We must continue to educate, converse and respect each other to ensure multiculturalism thrives in Britain.

“The NBPA and our local associations are available to support both local forces and communities to find a peaceful resolution”

23rd September 2022

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