National Black Police Association

Statement on the Anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, the National Black Police Association UK offers our sincere and deepest sympathies to George Floyd’s family and loved ones.

As is the case with iconic figures and moments in history, we will all remember where we were, when we witnessed his brutal and untimely death unfold before our eyes.

Whilst the manner of George Floyd’s tragic death exposed the sad reality of racial injustice and police brutality. It is the reaction to it, which is more telling about the human spirit in the face of injustice and brutality.

The reaction to George Floyd’s death galvanised a global movement where millions of diverse people around the world, came together as one, to say, ‘Black Lives Matter’.

It is the human spirit of resilience in the face of injustice, which makes George Floyd’s death and the reaction to it, a defining moment in the struggle for racial justice in the 21st Century.

As such, we must never allow ourselves to forget that moment and the sacrifice which George Floyd and so many before him (and no doubt many after him) have made.

Whilst many promises have been made by Government’s and policing bodies around the world in the light of George Floyd’s death. We are witnessing an emboldened reworking of the politics of racial division and hate aimed at rolling back the struggle for racial equality.
As the reaction to George Floyd’s death has shown. We are stronger when we are together. We are stronger when we work together. We are stronger when we listen to and work with the communities we serve.

The NBPA UK is committed to honouring the legacy of George Floyd we will continue to do this in the only manner that we know, One Voice Strength In Unity.

Inspector Andrew George
National Black Police Association
25 May 2021

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