National Black Police Association

Stephen Lawrence Fulbright Scheme

Please see below some words direct from Fulbright that will help you in considering why the scholarship. I have also drafted some expectations which the successful scholar should adhere to.

While it’s true that it’s possible to take time off to consider issues of policing, race and the community here in the UK it’s also the case that:

Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence
  • This award allows for the officer to learn about and explore how these issues are being researched and addressed in the US where they are a top priority for police forces across the country – all three of the law schools that the officer will go to are engaged in this discussion with Howard, for example, having the Thurgood Marshall Centre that looks specifically at civil rights and policing.
  • In exchange, the Fulbright Stephen Lawrence awardee will be sharing with American colleagues their perspective and experience – thereby injecting a valuable UK perspective into the US debate and building a network of contacts (at the three different law schools and their communities) that will be of great benefit not just to the officer but to their force as well.
  • By going abroad to do this reflection and research, the UK police officer will gain a completely new view of the UK and of the way the UK police works. This is undoubtedly one of the benefits of international exchange: you return to your home country with a fresh understanding of home.
  • More generally, we describe the impact see our programming can have in the following ways:
  • The promotion of academic excellence and curiosity advances human knowledge
  • The immersive experience of exchange between the US and UK deepens understanding of the other country and fosters compassionate leadership
  • Communities created through Fulbright fellowship cohorts ad research/teaching collaborations have the potential to contribute to global problem solving

Expectations of the successful Scholar

  • We would expect winning scholar to publish their research on the NBPA website.
  • Provide copies of their research to the College of Policing library
  • Provide a copy to Tullalan (Police Scotland), PSNI.
  • Speak/Present at the NBPA conference about their experience
  • Speak/Present at the APCC Race Religion and Belief Group (RRBG)
  • Meet Baroness Lawrence.

There is no requirement to hold a PhD or other academic qualification to apply for this bursary.

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