National Black Police Association

This is what it’s like to be a Black female police officer in the UK today

At every British protest, from the streets of London to smaller northern towns, police officers are likely to be in attendance too – but statistically, only 2% of them will be a woman from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background (according to Home Office figures from March 2019).

As it stands, 93.1% of the full-time force is comprised of white faces, with 70% being male. Given the scarcity, how does it feel to be a Black woman standing on the front line and serving proudly when all eyes are on you, for a newly added to list of reasons? What’s it like walking into work, knowing there’s a good chance nobody else in the room will look like you? And how do you bridge the gap of being from a community that historically distrusts the police, while being in uniform yourself? Read more

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