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Why are West Indians here in the United Kingdom?

 An evening of information , education and discussion. Why are West Indians here in the United Kingdom?

Whether Black or White or in between British History has never made it clear!

What do you know of your ancestors? Or those unsung hero’s who died for you. West Indians have played a very large part in what England and Britain has achieved.

So do you want to know the answers? Do you want to discover the truth? Horace from the W.A.W.I Project will enlighten and inspire you with the forgot history of west Indians and why West Indians are in the UK

Come and find out about the West Indies History with Dennis from the Caribbean Family History Group.

What do names mean? What significant changes to the west Indies has been as a result of English involvement.

How did Birmingham influence the emancipation of slaves?

Local History – what history says about you in your local area? With Gary from Recognise.

Do you know your history from your area?

Come along and listen, learn and discuss it all with the W.A.W.I Project , Recognize (Black Heritage and Culture) and the Caribbean Family History Group.

A link to the event will be seen to all participants once registered.

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