National Black Police Association

Statement on the 30th anniversary of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence

On the 22 April 1993, Doreen and Neville Lawrence were informed that their 18-year-old son, Stephen, had been murdered in a racist attack whilst waiting at a bus stop. Grief stricken and traumatised at losing their beloved son, they were forced into fighting for truth and justice. A fight, which no grieving parents should ever have to do.

They were forced to fight for the reputation of their son and for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to bring their son’s killers to justice.

Stephen was a young man with dreams and aspirations of becoming an architect. Whilst many untruths underpinned by racist stereotypes and aimed at denying his memory and his family sympathy and support were circulated about him; the Metropolitan Police Service appeared to discount the names of a list of suspects given to them by the public for no apparent reason. Read more

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